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Hi.. I’m Robin..a British veteran internet marketing consultant, since 1997, a creative content strategist and advocate of functional mushroom consumption.

I live in Estonia, in a beautiful forest actually, 12km from the nearest shop!

I have 2 main interests professionally right now (November 2023)

1. Creating and distributing functional mushroom foods, drinks, and food supplements

Why? Because mushrooms contains an array of bioactive ingredients that can help enhance a healthy lifestyle and, most importantly, support your immune system! I’m especially interested in chaga, reishi and lion’s mane.

Read more about MUSHEEZ – the organic mushroom extract business I help develop.

2. Developing and promoting Pillapalu Forest Retreat (a cool place where companies and groups go for team building activities, seminars etc.)

I live and work in Pillapalu so I help with fixing up the place and coordinating volunteers projects (when I have time!). My wife Birgit handles most of the Retreat’s activities.

I’m trying to kick the consultancy habit but…

…occasionally you also might persuade me to help with your company’s digital marketing and online content strategy as a consultant. Since 1997, I have directed or worked on hundreds of “internet marketing” projects for governments, multinationals, start ups and so on. 

A bit of background about me as a person

Liverpool fan, father of two amazing kids, (slow) world traveler, married to a Princess.

I have launched, run and sold two European internet marketing agencies. Along the way I have created, consulted and managed hundreds of website development projects and internet marketing/advertising campaigns for IT companies, governments, banks, B2C, B2B etc. I prefer B2B projects.

I think out of the box, have strong opinions, “tell it like it is” and believe the devil (and “gold”) is in the detail but I’m not cheap to hire, so, be warned 😉

Email me at robingurney at gmail dot com or connect with me on LinkedIn

Stay safe and have fun. Life is short.