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Hi.. I’m Robin..a British veteran internet marketing consultant, since 1997 and a creative content strategist

I live in Estonia and am passionate about keeping my family safe during the crisis.

I’m sure you are too.

I have 3 main interests professionally right now (September 2020)

Helping clients succeed in saving time and money on their IT hardware and devices. I do that through my role as Content Strategist for Markit who have a unique business model which is proving enormously helpful and popular to over 9,500 companies in 35 countries. Read one of my blog posts to find out how Markit is part of the solution: MARKIT OPERATIONS DURING COVID-19 CRISIS

Developing a range of Estonian chaga products to bring the natural benefits of chaga to as many people as possible.

Why? Because the chaga mushrooms contains an array of powerful ingredients that can support a healthy lifestyle and, most importantly, support your immune system!

Read more about the potential health benefits of Estonian chaga here.


I also try to keep up to speed on neuromarketing, behavioral science and cognitive psychology insights and implementing them in communications when relevant.  I’m currently investigating how behavioral science can be used to affect social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing. Previously I created a website packed with neuromarketing insights and resources. Sadly we had to shut down in May 2020  because there was no demand for our paid service after the crisis hit. We don’t see it resuming in the near future.

I usually offer digital marketing and website content strategy consultancy but as you can see I’m too busy to take on new clients now.

In my business you are only as good as your last significant jobs.

Late 2018 I developed the content strategy and write/edit content for the new e-Governance Academy website. Take a look and see what you think.

Robin gave to the website of e-Governance Academy fresh input how to make the page more sales-oriented and easily readable and findable for target groups and for Google, as well. Most all of his recommendations are worthy of taking into consideration and execution sooner or later. I appreciated also his thorough method of working and outcomes in time.
Anu Vahtra-Hellat – Communication Manager at e-Governance Academy

I also recently helped Markit get nominated as a Finalist for the World Procurement Awards. A first for an Estonian company and a first for vertical (IT) solution provider in the indirect procurement sector. Truely awesome result thanks to an amazing team of Markiteers and visionary clients.

A bit of background about me as a person

Liverpool fan, father of two amazing kids, world traveler (on hold…grrr).

I have launched, run and sold two European internet marketing agencies. Along the way I have created, consulted and managed hundreds of website development projects and internet marketing/advertising campaigns for governments, banks, B2C, B2B etc.

I think out of the box, have strong opinions, tell it like it is and believe the devil (and “gold”) is in the detail.

I’m not cheap to hire but no silly retainers are required and Oh…I guarantee my work. Rare these days.

Email me at robingurney at gmail dot com or connect with me on LinkedIn

Keep safe. Wash your hands. Stay at home. If you go out then keep your distance from others and please, wear a mask!