Internet Marketing Consultant

I’m a veteran internet marketing consultant, speaker and trainer.
I have launched, run and sold two European internet marketing agencies.
Along the way I have created, consulted and managed hundreds of website development projects and internet marketing/advertising campaigns for governments, banks, B2C, B2B etc. etc.

Get in touch with me at if you want to discuss hiring me.

I guarantee to deliver excellent results that will help you gain important competitive advantages online.

You can find my professional history, and connect with me, on LinkedIn.






Professionally I am a creative strategist, internet marketer (since 1997) and salesman (since 1985).
I think out of the box, have strong opinions, tell it like it is and believe the devil (and “gold”) is in the detail.

In my personal life I have made short films, tried writing children’s books and I run a non-profit organisation, called ANDAKIDZ, to help disadvantaged Filipino children.
I am a pretty useful cook…and I just love travelling and have visited about 50 countries so far which has helped me to learn to communicate pretty well in Spanish and French and communicate averagely in Estonian and Portuguese.

I also occasionally curate two FREE neuromarketing magazines.

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